Kings Own Brand

Introducing KINGS Own Brand, a line of signature favorites at an outstanding value we know you’ll love.
At KINGS, we’re passionate about supplying you with choices that turn an everyday experience into a memorable event.


KINGS Bread Loaves

KINGS Bread Loaves are the perfect staple in any kitchen...

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KINGS Cage-Free Eggs

Healthy and high quality foods are a priority for you, and we’re listening. Along with our existing Organic and Omega-3 Cage-Free Eggs...

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KINGS Cheese

Crafted from the freshest milk on Wisconsin dairy farms, Kings Cheese selection features an array of styles and flavors...

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KINGS Chef Prepared Bars

Mezze, Ramen Bar, International Hot Bar, etc.

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KINGS Chocolate Bars

KINGS Chocolate Bars are produced locally, crafted with exotic ingredients like Black Lava Sea Salt and pure Belgian Chocolate. Perfect as a...

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KINGS Chocolate Truffle Cups

KINGS Chocolate Truffle Cups offer a luxurious snack in just one bite. Locally produced with quality ingredients, the Chocolate Truffle Cups come in the classic combination of...

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KINGS Coffee

KINGS Signature Coffees are made from select Arabica coffee beans...

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KINGS Crackers

KINGS Crackers are baked to perfection using...

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KINGS Dark & Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers and Pretzels

Sneak a little indulgence into your day...

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KINGS Dipping Oils

KINGS Dipping Oils provide a flare to the everyday...

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KINGS Fresh Apple Cider

KINGS Fresh Apple Cider is sourced and produced...

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KINGS Fresh Marinara Sauce

Fresh tomatoes, fine olive oil and fresh basil...

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