Kings Own Brand

Our KINGS Own Brand is a line of signature favorites at an outstanding value we know you’ll love. 
At Kings Food Markets, we’re passionate about supplying you with choices that turn an everyday experience into a memorable event.


KINGS Coffee

KINGS Signature Coffees are made from select Arabica coffee beans, resulting in a smooth yet bold taste. Slow roasted in small batches to perfection, you'll love and crave these brews for their unique flavor profiles and guaranteed freshness.


KINGS Breakfast Blend Coffee

A full-bodied, rich and utterly pleasing elizir to awaken your senses and start your day.


KINGS Donut Shop Coffee

A bold and not overtly sweet accompaniment to your day.


KINGS Organic French Roast & Signature French Roast Coffee

A dark, robust brew with the smooth flavor of a perfect roast and an "ooh-la-la" appeal.


KINGS Hazelnut Coffee & Hazelnut Decaf Coffee

Earthy, buttery hazelnut flavor acts as a mellow complement to even the richest indulgences, great for anytime of day.


KINGS French Vanilla Coffee

Decadently rich and smooth French vanilla with a buttery finish is the pefect flavor pairing.


KINGS Organic Sumatran Mandheling Coffee

The unmistakable herbal complexity of a sweet, earthy Indonesian classic, brewed right at home.


KINGS Organic House Blend & Signature House Blend Coffee

Our House Blend features flavors of sweet fruits combined with earthy flavors and a dark cherry finish.

KINGS New England Blend Coffee

A mild blend of light and dark roasts with a crsip, clean flavor from start to finish.


KINGS Columbian & Columbian Decaf Coffee

Rich yet light, with a powerful aroma and intoxicating, nutty flavor.


KINGS Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Unmistakably autumn, with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove with year-round appeal.

KINGS Gingerbread Coffee

Instantly festive, infused with fresh-baked gingerbread flavor for a flare of the holidays during any day.

KINGS Holiday Blend Coffee

Every sip is a festive celebration of full-bodied flavor, perfect for chilly mornings and cheerful fun.


KINGS Cinnamon French Toast Coffee

The ultimate coffee experience: sweet and rich cinnamon flavor is enhanced with a buttery aroma and a smooth, succulent finish.


KINGS Raspberry Chocolate Coffee

A classic pairing of lush dark chocolate and raspberry flavors in this sweet and savory indulgence.


KINGS Irish Cream Coffee

Fine Irish cream liquor complements a bold coffee taste, combining into a smooth and velvety finish.


KINGS Island Breeze Coffee

Transform everyday into a tropical vacation with this delicate coconut delight, little drink umbrella not included.