Catering by Kings

Chef Inspired Catering menus and dinner ideas for social parties,
seasonal gatherings, corporate events and meetings.


Kings Chef Inspired Potato or Sweet Potato Latkes

4 oz. $2.49/ea.

Irene’s All Natural Chicken Broth

With or without noodles - made with real stock. $7.99/qt

Gefilte Fish

Traditional blend of whitefish and pike. 3oz. $1.99/ea

Kosher Gourmet Matzo Balls

Perfect when added to our chicken broth. $10.99/lb

Irene’s Homestyle Matzo Ball Soup


Irene’s Mini Knishes

Choose from potato or spinach. 10 oz. $5.99/pk

Whole Honey Roasted Apples


Chopped Chicken Liver

Traditional and silky. $8.99/lb


Chef Made Brisket

Slow-roasted beef brisket. $19.99/lb

Kings Rotisserie Chicken

Antibiotic-free whole chickens, cut in halves or quarters. $4.69/lb

Apricot Glazed Roasted Turkey Breast


Stuffed Cabbage

Fresh cabbage stuffed with beef, onions and rice. Approximately 2 pieces/pound. $8.49/lb


Carrot and Apple Tzimmies

Carrots, apples, dried apricots, raisins and orange juice. $9.99/lb

Kasha with Bowties


Sweet Noodle Kugel


Vegetable Kugel


Irene’s Cheese or Apple Blintzes

8 oz. $6.99/pk

Green Beans

With caramelized shallots and lemon zest. $8.99/lb

Chef Made Brisket Gravy

$5.99/ pt

To Break Your Fast

Please order in advance and we will gladly de-bone your whitefish.

Kippered Salmon


Kings Pre-Sliced Smoked Salmon

$10.99/4 oz $17.99/8 oz

Sable Plate


Whitefish Salad


Large Whitefish



In cream or wine. $7.99/lb

Cream Cheese Spreads

Scallion, Vegetable or Lox. $8.99/lb

Plain Cream Cheese


Gaspe Bay Smoked Salmon

Hand-sliced. $31.99/lb

8” Quiche

Choose from: Broccoli & Cheddar, Spinach and Mushroom, or seasonal. (serves 6-8) $14.99 ea


Vegetable Crudités

Choice of hummus or ranch dip. Small serves 8-10; large, 15-18. Small $34.99 • Large $59.99

Kings Premium Smoked Fish Display

Hand-sliced smoked Nova salmon, Norwegian smoked salmon, kippered salmon and whole whitefish. Served with bagels, pumpernickel and cream cheese. 72 hours notice required. Serves 8 -10. $149.99

Smoked Salmon Presentation and Extras

The smoked salmon presentation plus kippered salmon and whitefish salad. Served with bagels and pumpernickel bread. 72 hours notice required. Serves 8-10. $169.99

Fruit Platter

A display of the freshest seasonal fruits. Serves 10-12. $3 per person

Smoked Salmon Presentation

Sliced Nova smoked salmon plattered and served with plain cream cheese, scallion cream cheese, capers, sliced tomatoes, red onion, lemon and mini bagels. Serves 8-10. (Serves 8-10) $119.99

Kings Specialty Cheese Platter

Aged Gouda, Brie, Tillamook Cheddar, Manchego, Stilton, herb goat cheese, Spanish cocktail nuts, mixed olives and fig paste. Served with a fresh fruit garnish and crackers. 72 hours notice required. Serves 8-10. $99.99


Autumn Vineyard Bouquet

A mix reminiscent of a crisp Chardonnay, light and delicate with deep undertones. $19.99/ea

Fall Harvest Rose Bouquet

A dozen roses in autumnal hues mixed yellow, orange and red roses accented with seasonal fillers. $16.99/ea

Autumn Centerpiece

This traditional centerpiece features a distinct collection of fall flowers topped with two colored taper candles. $49.99/ea


Round Plain Ceremonial Challah

15 oz. $5.99/ea

Round Raisin Ceremonial Challah

16 oz. $6.99/ea

Lilly’s Rainbow Cookies

8 oz. $7.99/ea

Lilly’s Honey, Sponge or Marble Cake

12 oz. $7.99/ea.

Sweet Deli Treats

Joyva Halvah - Assorted Varieties. 8 oz. $3.99/ea

Special Catering Notes

V - Vegetarian
GF - Add $2.00 for each gluten free sandwich. Made with gluten free ingredients in a facility that processes gluten & other allergens. Precautions are taken to ensure responsible production.

- Reheating and cooking instructions included with every order.

- All of our menu items are served chilled.

- Handmade appetizers are delivered frozen. Cooking instructions provided.

- Consumer Advisory: Consuming foods that are raw, undercooked or lightly cooked may cause food-borne illness in children, pregnant women, the elderly and persons with weakened immune systems.

- Please allow at least 48 hours notice for catering orders or changes. We reserve the right to apply a cancellation fee for orders cancelled after 9:00am on the day prior to the event.

Due to volatile perishable food markets, prices may fluctuate and/or vary.

Reheating Instructions

All of our menu items are served chilled, please click here for reheating instructions.