Citrus – It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

Time to enjoy a bounty of fresh, glorious oranges, limes and lemons, grapefruit and tangerines. Find out a few of the tangy, sweet ways in which they enliven food–from their juice, to their zest, to their fabulous, tender flesh–cooked and raw, pickled and sugared, infused and preserved.

There’s More to the Citrus World than Lemons and Limes.

  • Oro Blanco Grapefruit - sweet flesh with almost no bitterness.
  • Meyer Lemon - Less acidic than a lemon, less sweet than an orange, more herbal and botanical than both.
  • Heirloom Navel Orange - pit free, ultra-sweet, tangy and juicy.
  • Cara Cara - a sweet, seedless pink fleshed orange.
  • Blood Orange - ruby red flesh that’s mild with a bit of berry.

Sweet, Hot and Smart with Yuzu

Absolutely everything you need to make these yummy Yuzu Miso Wings is in-house; from the fresh antibiotic free chicken wings, to the makings of the brilliant rub, to the Namikura Yuzu Miso paste. Give it a try. Or come right to our Prepared Foods counter and walk away with them already done up and ready to re-heat. 

More Citrus

The Sunshine of Lemon Curd

Magically concocted from lemons, sugar and egg yolks, Lemon Curd may be one of the tangy, sweet, creamy, delicious wonders of the world. Here are two ways to enjoy: Make it yourself, with this easy recipe and our best quality eggs and lemons and superfine sugar. Or easy as pie – just open a jar of Bonne Maman’s best and spread it on toast.

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Citrus in a Supporting Role– Tagine Recipes

Some say Tagines are the best stews; long-cooked in clay vessels with distinctive lids that concentrate the flavor in steam and return it to the dish. We know that they’re a perfect place to mix the beauty of preserved lemons with your favorite recipes. Here are two of ours: Monkfish and Fresh Chicken.

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