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How It's Raised

Our partners, Ideal Fish, raise our Branzino in a sustainable close-system aquaculture facility with no GMOs, pathogens or antibiotics. They grow up in waters attuned in salinity, temperature and current, and they're fed a healthy diet. All the while, they become accustomed to swimming against a familiar current—developing extraordinary taste that is uniquely fresh and pure!

Person holding a Branzino fish
How to Buy

Our fishmongers carefully inspect every fish for freshness, and all of our Branzino have clear eyes and bright, firm gills—telltale signs of quality. We offer our fish two ways for your convenience:

  • Ready for the oven, dressed with lemon and herbs by our fishmongers
  • Cleaned and prepped whole, ready for your favorite herbs and seasonings.
Two whole Branzino fish seasoned with herbs
How to Cook

With its perfect mix of muscle and flesh, Branzino is a versatile fish that's easy to prepare in a variety of ways. Grill it whole for three or four minutes on each side or roast it at 425° for approximately ten minutes in the oven. When the eye is cloudy, the fish is done. Enjoy!