Seasonal Meals

roasting pan filled with cuts of lamb
In the Butchery

American Lamb is naturally raised on family farms. Rich, yet mild in flavor; there are so many perfect cuts for winter cooking that are sure to bring an elevated level of comfort. One of our favorites is braised lamb shanks served over creamed fonio with herbed gremolata.

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Stuffed chicken breast with green beans and roasted potatoes
In the Butchery

Made with either Bell & Evans boneless breasts or thighs, our stuffed chicken comes with your choice of four different dressings: traditional herb, cornbread bacon and cheddar, apple cranberry or sausage and herb.

Sweet and spicy salmon for four with salad and roasted potatoes

Order a delicious family-style meal online from the comfort of home. Plan ahead for same-day pick up from our Deli with a four-hour lead time. From our zesty, sweet and spicy salmon to perfectly roasted beef tenderloin, each entrée serves four, along with a salad and choice of two sides, and it’s all ready to heat and serve in minutes. 

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Tuna melt with side salad
tuna melt

Our classic tuna salad is served warm with melted Swiss cheese on ciabatta bread.
*Available at select locations.

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Overhead view of poached lemon caper shrimp in a bowl
Lemon Caper Shrimp

Tender shrimp are poached and tossed with a citrus, caper, fennel and parsley dressing.

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Overhead shot of roasted cauliflower
Cauliflower with lemon relish

Cauliflower is roasted and tossed with a lemon, parsley and shallot relish.

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Winter Produce


Winter Produce

From unique citrus varietals to prepped vegetables, eat the rainbow with our healthy and colorful array of fresh produce.

Three Sumo Citrus oranges

sumo citrus

The legendary Sumo Citrus is a variety of oversized mandarin known as “dekopon” in Japan, celebrated for its sweetness and distinctive “top knot”.

Closeup of roasted root vegetables


Our mix of red and golden beets, carrots and parsnips come peeled and cubed—just toss with our own smoked paprika, coriander and Himalayan pink salt and they’re ready to roast.

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Italian vegetarian stuffed green peppers


Available in Southwest and Italian Vegetarian flavors, our store-made stuffed peppers are ready to pop in the oven for a quick and tasty meal.

Gourmet Cheese

Cheese-dipped bread on fondue fork


This Swiss fondue is ready to heat and serve. Simply dip crusty breads, steak, fresh produce and more for an entertaining, at-home dining experience. 

Wedge of raclette

Paccard Raclette

Made in the French Alps, Paccard raclette is quite similar to the famous Swiss variety, but a bit more supple in texture with a full, fruity flavor and golden, buttery body. It is best enjoyed melted and scraped over meat or potatoes.

Delightful Desserts

Variety of custom couture cakes



Bold brushstrokes. Delicately adorned dots. Our handmade cakes come in small serving sizes, perfect for intimate celebrations.

*72-hour notice required.

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Lemon meringue pie with slice cut out



Zesty lemon flavor and creamy meringue topping are combined with our famous flaky crust in this classic delight. 

Allergen-free and gluten-free baked goods from Red Plate Foods, Better Bites Bakery and Goodman Gluten Free

allergen-free desserts

Find treats in our Patisserie that everyone can enjoy with brands that are free from gluten and the top-8 food allergens like Red Plate Foods, Better Bites Bakery and Goodman Gluten Free.