About Kings

Our Inspiration
From rare finds to fresh produce, we constantly look for the finest food market items—specially chosen for our customers. Come experience the sights, sounds and aromas of something special. Plus, discover great ideas, catering services and Cooking Studio classes that make every day even more delectable.


Griggstown Farm
chicken pot pie

Handmade from scratch, these pot pies are filled with six different fresh vegetables, large chunks of all-natural meat and a signature gravy.

Dry Rubbed Buffalo Cut
Chicken Wings

No need to deep fry these mouthwatering dry rubbed wings. Simply roast on a screen or rack, and they will crisp up while staying moist and tender.


This versatile vegetable comes in many varieties and can be roasted, stewed, braised, baked or spiced to take on various exotic flavors.

Cauliflower &
cabbage Steaks

Roasted vegetable steaks make an amazing first course, side dish or main course. Try them seasoned with an array of spices to change the flavor and appeal.


Hatch Chile
peach Pie

The subtle heat of
Certified New
Mexico Hatch
Chiles accents
the sweetness
of fresh, California
peaches. One taste
and you’ll see why
this unique dessert
is so “hot.”

Glass Jar Desserts
Four creamy desserts, individually-portioned and beautifully-presented in glass jars. Choose from Chocolate Mousse, Coppa Mascarpone, Tiramisu and Crème Brûlée & Berries.


Irish Porter

Full-bodied and pungent, this firm Irish cheddar is marbled through with Irish porter, giving it a distinct, tangy flavor. 

Coeur de Bray

Europeans have been enjoying Neufchâtel for nearly a thousand years. Mushroomy, rich and nutty, this heart-shaped cheese is a smooth presence on your cheese board.