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Our Inspiration
From rare finds to fresh produce, we constantly look for the finest food market items—specially chosen for our customers. Come experience the sights, sounds and aromas of something special. Plus, discover great ideas, catering services and Cooking Studio classes that make every day even more delectable.

Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers
From artisans selling handcrafted, small-batch products to innovative food startups, meet the people behind the products that are changing the way we eat and think about food.

Matt Lind

Matt Lind is a proud
conduit between
Kings and our
growers, bringing
local farm-fresh
produce directly
to our stores. 

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Available in half spiral, quarter spiral, semi-boneless and boneless halves, our local ham is humanely raised on family farms in PA and NY. It’s vegetarian-fed and never administered antibiotics or growth promotants. 
*Availability may vary by store.

Petite New York strip
loin Roast

With less fat than a rib roast yet richer and more succulent than tenderloin, this special cut is the secret to a foolproof holiday dinner. Plus, we source humanely raised, hormone-free, locally raised beef and can trim, tie, bone and portion.
*Availability may vary by store.

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Fresh Seafood

The classic Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes may not usually include lobster, but we’re all about creating new traditions. We have everything you need for this elegant seafood stew, from lobster tails and wild shrimp to North American mussels and live littleneck clams—plus our favorite secret shortcut, Knocean lobster stock.

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Mac & Cheese

No time to cook? Our Seafood department has you covered with their store-made lobster mac and cheese. Just transfer to individual cocottes or ramekins to heat and serve.
*Availability may vary by store.


Inside the fruit, bright red arils cluster like a glimmering carpet beneath thin yellow membranes. These small seeds are packed with health-supporting antioxidants along with deliciously sweet, tart juice.

These grapes have been loved by fans over the years for their robust flavor, juiciness, extra-large size and famous bright red color. In addition to wonderful taste and texture, Holiday grapes are heart-healthy, non-GMO and rich in antioxidants.

Chef Prepared Foods

Kings Quiches
Great for a holiday brunch, or any time of the day, our house-made quiches are ready to grab-and-go in a variety of savory flavors.
*Availability may vary by store.

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Vegan Spicy
Tuscan Roasted Cauliflower

Cauliflower heads are coated in a spice mixture, roasted until tender and golden brown and served with a vegan basil-cashew cream.
*Availability may vary by store.

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Kings Store-Made
8" Fresh Fruit Tart

Shortbread crust filled with pastry cream, topped with fresh fruits and finished with apricot glaze.
*Availability may vary by store.


A rich blend of brown sugar, syrup, eggs and pecans gives this sweet custard pie its traditional Southern flavor. An old-fashioned favorite, our pecan pie is always a popular choice for holidays and other special occasions.
*Availability may vary by store.

Catering Services

Couture Cakes

Bold brushstrokes. Delicately adorned dots. Our custom, handmade cakes come in small serving sizes worthy of the most special occasions. 
*Minimum 3-days notice required.

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Whether you observe Chanukah or Christmas, our chefs can provide a stress-free, gourmet spread for your celebration. Order early online for in-store pickup or delivery.
*Please note our 48-hour cancellation policy.

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Capra Cremosa Tartufo
Smooth and seductive, this young goat’s milk cheese from Italy is spiked with black truffle. It pairs nicely with Italian white wines, crisp ales and many sparkling beverages.
*Availability may vary by store.

Cheese Plate Accompaniments
Create a socially distanced buffet by setting out individual prearranged cheese plates including sophisticated accompaniments like dried persimmons, Marcona almonds and juicy grapes.