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Our Inspiration
From rare finds to fresh produce, we constantly look for the finest food market items—specially chosen for our customers. Come experience the sights, sounds and aromas of something special. Plus, discover great ideas, catering services and Cooking Studio classes that make every day even more delectable.

Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers
From artisans selling handcrafted, small-batch products to innovative food startups, meet the people behind the products that are changing the way we eat and think about food.

SD Sauces
Small batch, traditional
Thai-style hot sauce
made with chilis,
freshly squeezed
limes and a blend
of spices for a
versatile and
balanced condiment.

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Fresh Seafood

Lobster Cioppino
Knocean Foods’ new Whole Shell-less Lobster Meat and Lobster Stock make it easy to enjoy fine seafood from the comfort of home.

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first of the season
Alaskan halibut 

This prized, firm fish is fantastic grilled or roasted with spring vegetables and creamy herb butter.



As a rich source of
vitamins, minerals
and antioxidants,
broccoli is a
low-calorie superfood.

Now in-season, asparagus is excellent roasted, grilled or stir-fried until tender. 



Fill your Easter
baskets with
a festive
assortment of
chocolate eggs
and rabbits,
gourmet jelly
beans and more.

Delight your loved ones with our selection of spring-themed mint, caramel and gummy candy cubes from Sugarfina.

Chef Prepared Foods

Pickled Golden
Beet Salad

Pickled golden beets are sliced and tossed with cucumber, fennel, red onion and fresh herbs for a vibrant spring side.
*All items are subject to availability. Please check with your local store.

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Mediterranean Stuffed Salmon
Our exclusive Aurora Salmon is stuffed with spinach, tomatoes, artichokes and olives, then roasted until tender.
*All items are subject to availability. Please check with your local store.

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Easter Egg Bread
& Hot Cross buns

Add a pop of color to your table with soft challah bread braided with colorful Easter eggs. Or enjoy traditional hot cross buns made from scratch with candied citron, plump raisins and spices.

Molly’s Kosher Bake House

Choose from Chocolate Dipped, Almond or Coconut for a delicious Passover dessert.

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