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KINGS Bread Loaves

KINGS Bread Loaves

KINGS Bread Loaves are the perfect staple in any kitchen, whether smothered in homemade jam for breakfast or as a complement to your favorite sandwich for lunch. Available in four healthful varieties, KINGS Breads offer nutrients and vitamins galore, all crafted with all-natural, artisan methods and no artificial preservatives or additives.

KINGS 12 Whole Grains & Sprouted Wheat Bread

KINGS 12 Whole Grains & Sprouted Wheat Rye Bread is an authentic, all-natural artisan bread baked in small batches, free of artificial preservatives. Sprouted grains increase many of the key nutrients that are present in the other 12 grains. We sprout our grains for 48 hours to create a nutrient-dense, delicious bread.

KINGS Chia & Supergrains Bread

KINGS Chia & Supergrains Bread features healthy chia seeds, with anti-oxidants, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Supergrains , with their enhanced health benefits, pack fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Our bread is an all-natural artisan bread, baked in small batches without aritificial preservatives or additives.

KINGS Fruit & Fiber Bread

KINGS Fruit & Fiber Bread offers the best of both worlds: the nutritional powerhouse of crunchy pumpkin seeds, combined with sweet, anti-oxidant boosting dried cranberries. Featuring a variety of nutrients, the Fruit & Fiber bread is perfect with a smear of crunchy almond butter for a healthy breakfast.

KINGS Sprouted 3 Grains & Oatmeal Bread

KINGS Sprouted 3 Grains & Oatmeal Bread is a flavorful and healthful bread, featuring sprouted grains that increase the effectiveness of other key nutrients, and hearty oats for a warm, nutty flavor. Use in place of any sandwich bread for a nutritious lunch!