Kings Own Brand

A line of signature favorites at an outstanding value we know you’ll love,
with premium choices that can turn an everyday experience into a memorable event.

KINGS Crackers

KINGS Crackers

KINGS Crackers are baked to perfection using premium, all-natural ingredients.  Enjoy our signature crackers on their own or as an outstanding companion to any appetizer. Select from our Stoned Wheat, Multigrain, Butter Flavored or Original Water Crackers.

KINGS Original Water Crackers

KINGS Original Water Crackers are crafted using only unbleached wheat flour, olive oil and a hint of salt. Perfectly crisped and ideal for any selection of toppings.

KINGS Butter Flavored Crackers

KINGS Butter Flavored Crackers are made with natural ingredients, accentuated by the decadent taste of real butter. Perfectly browned and rich enough for even the strongest flavors

KINGS Multigrain Crackers

KINGS Multigrain Crackers feature our hand-selected grain mix, real seeds and a naturally rustic texture. Feature these crackers as a nutty and savory complement to your favortie dips and spreads.

KINGS Stone Wheat Crackers

KINGS Stoned Wheat Crackers feature simple ingredients like unbleached stone ground wheat flour, cracked wheat and a dusting of salt. Lightly perforated and perfect for any cheese selection.

Mini Stoned Wheat Crackers

Kings Mini Stoned Wheat Crackers are a wholesome and delicious snack made with non-GMO ingredients. Our crackers start with unbleached wheat flour to which we add stoned ground cracked wheat for a crunchy and hearty texture. Enjoy with a bowl of soup, straight from the box as a hearty snack, or pair with cheese or dip.