Kings Own Brand

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KINGS Fresh Pasta & Sauces

KINGS Fresh Pasta & Sauces

KINGS Fresh Pasta is crafted from the finest ingredients, including premium durum wheat, whole eggs, fresh herbs and fine cheeses. Unique and bold combinations like Beet & Butternut Squash, and Ricotta, Herbs & Lemon Zest showcase our quality ingredients.

KINGS Beet, Butternut Squash & Goat Cheese Ravioli

An unexpected blend of the sweet root beet vegetable, tart chevre cheese, and hints of nutmeg and cracked black pepper.

KINGS Egg Angel Hair Pasta

Blended to perfection using hand-selected whole eggs and freshly milled durum flour, then spun to a fine and light consistency.

KINGS Egg Fettuccine

An ideal companion to the heartiest of sauces, crafted from freshly milled durum flour and whole eggs.

KINGS Egg Linguine

Whole eggs and freshly milled durum flour are specially fashioned to form a versatile classic that suits nearly any recipe.

KINGS Four Cheese Ravioli

Pillowy fresh pasta, filled with our delightfully herbed fusion of parmesan, mozzarella, romano and ricotta cheeses.

KINGS Goat Cheese & Basil Ravioli

Luscious goat cheese and complex basil are beautifully paired within our spinach striped pasta.

KINGS Pumpkin Ravioli

Hand-selected pumpkin and fresh sage go hand-in-hand, an ideal combination of autumn flavor and color with a year-round appeal.

KINGS Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli

A dark, leafy powerhouse combines with our signature cheese blend and a melange of spices in this brightly flavored classic.

KINGS Fresh Marinara Sauce

Fresh tomatoes, fine olive oil and fresh basil are slowly simmered for a vibrant sauce that clings to our fresh pastas.

KINGS Fresh Pesto Sauce

Choice basil leaves, bold olive oil, sweet pignoli nuts, and dash of imported cheese round out this freshly prepared Italian classic.