Kings Own Brand

A line of signature favorites at an outstanding value we know you’ll love,
with premium choices that can turn an everyday experience into a memorable event.

Kings Frozen Fruits

Kings Frozen Fruits

It's hard to beat frozen fruit for convenience, but there's more to the story. Picked at the peak of ripeness, additive-free and flash frozen, KINGS Frozen Fruits are as nutritious as they are versatile. The perfect addition to smoothies, parfaits or desserts, select from Whole Strawberries, Berry Medley,  Blueberries, Mango Chunks, Sliced Peaches, Red Raspberries and Sliced Strawberries.

KINGS Frozen Whole Strawberries

KINGS Frozen Berry Medley

KINGS Frozen Blueberries

KINGS Frozen Mango Chunks

KINGS Frozen Sliced Peaches

KINGS Frozen Red Raspberries