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KINGS Organic Tortilla Chips

KINGS Organic Tortilla Chips

KINGS Organic Tortilla Chips are crunchy, flavorful and versatile - soon to become your favorite dipable treat. Serve with fresh, homemade salsa, pile high on nachos, or crush into hot chicken posole.

KINGS Organic Yellow Tortilla Chips

KINGS Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips start with corn kernels in hues from the palest buttercream to the deepest gold, cultivated in organic growing fields, then crisped with organic vegetable oils and a touch of sea salt. Gluten Free.

KINGS Organic Blue Tortilla Chips

KINGS Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips are crafted from organically grown corn varieties selected for their jeweled shades from pale topaz blue to the darkest indigo with no dyes or artificial colors. Gluten Free.