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KINGS Organic Potato Chips

KINGS Organic Potato Chips

Salty, crunchy and delectable, KINGS Organic Potato Chips are perfect for fulfilling a craving or just adding a little satisfying crunch to your day. All of our chips are made with no MSG, artificial flavors or cholesterol. Indulge in Salted Potato Chips, Low Fat Potato Chips and Applewood BBQ Potato Chips.

KINGS Salted Potato Chips

KINGS Salted Potato Chips are sliced from select potato varieties and prepared with expeller-pressed oils, then dusted with a sprinkling of sea salt. Gluten Free.

KINGS Reduced Fat Potato Chips

KINGS Reduced Fat Potato Chips don’t rely on additives to compensate for fewer grams of fat - they're just full of delicious potato chip flavor! Lightly dusted with sea salt, they simply contain more of what you want with less fat. Gluten Free.

KINGS Applewood BBQ Potato Chips

KINGS Applewood BBQ Flavored Potato Chips are thinly sliced and flavored with our custom-blend seasoning for a crisp, delicate texture and the unmistakably sweet-smoky taste that makes applewood a prized barbeque flavor. Gluten Free.