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Halibut Polonaise

Halibut Polonaise

30 min
30 min

2½ - 3 lbs. Halibut Steak, Fresh, Cut 1 inch thick

1 lb. Haricot Verte, Snipped, Blanched

8 Eggs, Soft Cooked 8 Minutes

3 Cups Brioche Cubes, Fresh

½ Cup Herb Butter, Softened

Italian Parsley Tops only

½ cup Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lemon Cut in half

Sea Salt

Black Pepper, Fresh Coarse Grind


Cook, Shock and Peel Eggs 8 Minutes only. Reserve.

Blanch, & Shock Haricot Verte. Reserve

Cube ½ Loaf Brioche into small cubes, toss with Olive Oil, Toast in oven at 350 until light brown with center still soft. Reserve.

Pre Heat Grill to medium High Heat

Brush Steaks with Olive Oil, season with salt & pepper. Do not remove bone or skin!

Sear Halibut steaks approx. 5-7 Minutes on first side. Turn and Baste first side with ½ softened herb butter.

Cover fish with foil and reduce heat to Medium. Cook another 8-10 minutes on second side or until the center bone can be pulled away from flesh in one piece.

Remove to warm platter.

Lightly sauté Haricot Verte in remaining herb butter & Extra Virgin Oil. Remove from heat. Add toasted brioche cubes. Add to top of Halibut steaks.

Quarter eggs and add to top of mixture on fish. Garnish with Italian Parsley tops.

Squeeze Fresh Lemon juice on fish. Serve immediately