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Linguini with Littleneck Clams, Garlic and White Wine

Linguini with Littleneck Clams, Garlic and White Wine

20 - 30 min

1 Pound Linguini, Dry, High quality, Bronze Die Extruded

30 Littleneck Clams, Fresh, Tight shell

10 oz Chopped Fresh Clams, drained, Thawed from Frozen or Fresh

1 Cup Clam Juice (reserved from pre-frozen or fresh)

1 Medium Onion, Diced Fine

5 Cloves Garlic Fresh, Chopped fine

¼ Cup Olive Oil, Blended

½ Stick Unsalted Butter

Pinch of Red Chili Flakes

1 ½ cup dry white wine

½ Cup Italian Parsley, Rough Chopped

Kosher Salt & Fresh Black Pepper


Rinse and scrub clams under cold water to remove all dirt from clams. Reserve chilled

Heat pasta water in large pot, Salt the water with a pinch of Kosher Salt

In large skillet that has a tight filling lid…. sauté onion and garlic in olive oil until translucent. Season with salt, pepper & chili flakes.

Add chopped clams, sauté 1 minute

Add whole clams, stir and coat completely with Onions, garlic and chopped clam mixture

Add Linguini to boiling pasta water. Stir to prevent sticking

Add wine and reserved clam juice to the clam pot and cover tightly. Cook for approx. 10 minutes or until all clams are open 100%.

Drain pasta from water, reserve 3 cups of pasta water on side.

Toss pasta in olive oil and add to warm serving platter or bowl

Add reserved pasta water to steamed clams, stir and remove clams only to top of cooked pasta

Add butter and chopped parsley to clam sauce, adjust seasoning and ladle all sauce over pasta and whole clams.

Serve immediately with lots of crusty bread for dipping.