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Popcorn Trifle

Popcorn Trifle


2 bags salted Microwave Popcorn

4 bags of Krave Sweet Chipotle Jerky or your favorite alternative

12 oz container of Chewy Dried Mango

Chili Powder to taste


Pop popcorn in the microwave until it has finished popping. While popcorn is in the microwave, cut dried mango and Sweet Chipotle jerky into bite sized pieces.  When popcorn is ready, remove from the bag and sprinkle chili powder to taste. Each piece should be lightly coated with chili powder for a little bit of extra heat.

In your trifle dish, assemble layers of popcorn, sliced jerky and dried mango. Begin with a layer of chili coated popcorn followed by a layer of jerky, layer of popcorn, then a layer of mango. Continue layering ingredients until the trifle is full and ready to enjoy!