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Yuzu Miso Wings

Yuzu Miso Wings

13 - 14 Wings

3 Tbsp Nakamura yuzu miso paste (1.5 oz)

2 Tbsp yuzu marmalade (1 oz)

½ tsp sriracha sauce, more to taste

1 ½ tsp lime juice

2-3 sliced scallions

1 ½ lb fresh chicken wings (about 13-14 pieces)


Pre-heat oven to 450F or heat fryer to 375F. If cooking wings in the oven, toss the wings with a little canola oil, salt and pepper, place on a parchment lined sheet pan and roast for about 30 minutes, until golden, crispy and cooked through.  If frying, fry the wings for 7-8 minutes until golden and crispy.

While the wings are cooking, stir together the miso, marmalade, sriracha, lime juice and the sliced white/light portion of the scallions. Toss with cooked wings and garnish with the sliced green scallion tops. Serve immediately.