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Gluten and Nut Free Rice Crispy Treats

Gluten and Nut Free Rice Crispy Treats

1 10 Ounces Box of Gluten-Free Brown Rice Crisp Cereal (use the entire box)
8 Tablespoons Kings Organic Butter (1 stick)
1 10 Ounces Package of Marshmallows
1 Teaspoon Gluten-Free Vanilla Extract

*Reminder: Always make sure your work surfaces, utensils, pans and tools are free of gluten. Always read product labels. Manufacturers can change product formulations without notice. When in doubt, do not buy or use a product before contacting the manufacturer for verification that the product is free of gluten.

Grease a 13 x 9 inch pan

1. Melt butter over low heat in a large pan.
2. Add marshmallows to melted butter and stir over low heat until melted. Remove pan from heat. Stir in vanilla extract.
3. Stir in rice cereal and gently coat cereal with marshmallow mixture.
4. Pour rice mixture into prepared pan. With buttered fingers press the mixture flat.
5. When cool and set, cut into 12 squares.