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Outstanding product, grass-fed local beef, and the purest fish in the world, hand-selected from our expert purveyors. We've supported innovative entrepreneurs who are changing the food industry with new flavors, new techniques, and mission-driven products. We're Jersey born and bred— and proud of it. Supporting the local economy— through the people we hire, initiatives we support, and quality products we source— is in our DNA.

But at the core of it all you’ll find our customers; the source of our inspiration since 1936. You still are, over 80 years and 25 stores later. Kings Food Markets. Bringing you the most extraordinary food in America— and the globe.

Judy Spires
Judy Spires
President & CEO

“Behind your favorite recipes and the food you serve your family and friends are the talented people at Kings: the expert merchants, store managers, and associates who ensure that the curated products we carry in our stores are the freshest quality, the customer service we provide is exceptional and that your choices are varied, inspirational and make your life easier.”

Stephen Corradini
Stephen Corradini
Head Merchant

“In our busy lives, we have a million things competing for our attention— and let’s face it, food shopping is no exception. That’s where we come in, emerging from the fog with clarity on what matters most to you: superb quality. In everything we sell, source or handpick from our purveyors, we embrace the freshest, finest and most delicious available.”

Kathe Benjamin
Kathe Benjamin
Human Resources

“Our people are— and always have been— integral to our company. From the talented managers and store associates who strive to give you a memorable shopping experience, to the hardworking teams behind the scenes fulfilling our promise of the best for you, our food, passion, and people are our most valuable assets.”

Our Chef Team
Our Chefs

“Our Prepared Foods department is of the most loved parts of our stores, and we have an idea why: our artfully crafted, seasonal dishes are prepared by our chefs, using the finest meat, seafood and produce anyone can find. Whether you’re looking for elegant entertaining options or simply want an answer to “What’s for dinner?” our Prepared Food department has you covered.”

Person donating food
Kings Act Against Hunger

Access to affordable, nutritious food should be a right: not a privilege. But in many communities, obtaining the healthy foods needed to live— and better yet, thrive— is out of reach.

In New Jersey, nearly 900,000 people are “food insecure,” defined as the lack of access to affordable, healthy food. Through our Act Against Hunger initiative, we’re making an impact in the communities we serve. Along with our customers and partners, we’ve donated over 152,000 pounds of food to hunger relief efforts in New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut, providing over 18,000 meals to people in need.

Food Bank Partnerships
State and Local Food Bank Partnerships

As a founding partner since 1991, Kings is a proud partner of Community Food Bank of New Jersey’s Check Out Hunger® campaign. Every dollar helps to feed families in need throughout our community.  

In March Kings launched the CFBNJ Check Out Hunger® campaign in all stores as a special edition to help support and fill the food banks during the covid-19 crisis.  

With the generosity of our customers, Kings collected over $30K in donations to help local Food Banks.  

People working in a vegetable garden
Grow it Green Morristown

Kings is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of Grow It Green Morristown for their commitments to hunger relief, sustainability, and agricultural education in our community. 

Growing a healthier and greener Morristown community with The Urban Farm as New Jersey’s largest public school garden, donating food to over 5,200 students, colleges, and community members.   

Kings Feed a Child Today table with donation bags
Feed a Child Today

300,000 schoolchildren go to bed hungry in New Jersey, on any given night. For many of them, a school lunch may be the only hot meal they’ve eaten all day. While many welcome the weekend as a respite, it’s a challenge for families with limited food access— children can go for days without a hot, nutritious meal. In response, we proudly launched our Feed a Child initiative, in which customers can purchase pre-assembled donation bags that are distributed directly to schools via local food banks.

Kings in the Community

Impact beyond food donations. While our Act Against Hunger initiative plays a pivotal role in our community efforts, we don't stop there. We strive to be more than just a supermarket by investing in the communities we serve, with over 300 annual sponsorships, we are delighted to learn more about your community event.

Benefit Shopping Events

Our Benefit Shopping Events assist with fundraising efforts for partner organizations. A portion of sales from customers who shop on behalf of your organization will be donated.

Gift Card Fundraising

Organizations can purchase our gift cards in bulk at a discount, which can be sold at full value to raise proceeds for charitable causes.

For more information or if you would like to place a donation or sponsorship request, please send an email to customerservice@kingssm.com and provide details about the event. Request must be received within 3-4 months of event date for consideration.

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