May 1st, 2020

Dear Valued Guests,
May 1, 2020: Day 57 in COVID crisis management. I know I’m not alone when I wake up each morning and think, “What will today’s new normal be?”

While we haven’t seen too many signs of spring yet, we are beginning to see a few signs of life as we once knew it. The Governor is opening the state parks and golf courses tomorrow—and while we’ll be wearing masks and keeping six feet away from each other, it will be nice to enjoy some of the extraordinary outdoor beauty that New Jersey has to offer.

Our mission at Kings continues to remain vigilant in the fight against the virus, keeping our Associates and communities safe and our shelves stocked. Our Associates wear masks at all times and we’re extending the plexiglass barriers at the cash registers for additional protection.

We’re asking for your help, too. Please wear a face mask at all times while in our stores; and whenever possible, assign one family member to do the shopping. Look out for the one-way aisles and do your best to stay six feet away from our Associates and other guests. And please, please toss your rubber gloves out in the red bins in the parking lot.

I know you’re planning your grocery runs very strategically in this new normal, however due to the challenges the industry continues to face, we might not have everything on your list. Our merchants continue to scour the country for new supplier partners, adding new brands and items at an unprecedented pace in order to keep our shelves full while maintaining our commitment to quality.

For example, our head meat merchant, Paul Greenblatt, has been working around the clock to find new sources and secure inventory as news about meat plants fills your screens. To keep our shelves full, he’s leaning into our local producer partners such as Thousand Hills, Local Harvest and Leidy’s, while also sourcing new partners including 44 Farms and Cooks Venture. In full transparency, we are fighting hard to limit the retail increases we’ll need to pass on as meat costs are rising at unprecedented rates. Also, there may be occasions when the variety of items could be challenged. But no need to worry, your summer grills will be stocked with the amazing quality and delicious options for which you’ve come to know and love Kings. I also highly recommend swinging by the fish counter. Our selection there is growing every day. I picked up some hand-caught Day Boat scallops on my way home the other night and had a perfect, healthy meal on the table in about 8 minutes. (I seared them in a pan with hot oil and cut up fresh asparagus seasoned with salt and pepper).

Thank you for your continued support during COVID. The letters of appreciation, phone messages and posts on social media mean the world to our teams and we’re hoping you can help us take this to the next level.

We’ve launched a Facebook Frames campaign that supports our heroes and helps spread the word on maintaining a safe shopping experience. We’d love for you to help us to go viral so we can show all the hard-working people in grocery all over the country how much they mean to us.

Visit our facebook.com/kingsfoodmarkets page and check out the pinned post at the top of the page. Click the “Try It” button and apply the frame to your profile. Please post and share widely.

All my best,

Judy Spires

Judy Spires, CEO, Kings Food Markets

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