Keeping Our Guests and Associates Safe

Q: What steps has Kings taken to protect the health of their associates and guests?

Masks & Face Shields: Based on guidance from the CDC, as well as an Executive Order from the Governors of New Jersey and New York, All Kings Associates Are Now Required to Wear Protective Face Coverings. The New Jersey Executive Order mandates that our guests also cover their faces while they shop. While we understand there may be rare extenuating health issues that make this difficult for some, I am asking all of you to help protect our team in store. 

You might also notice that a few of our Associates are wearing face shields.Those Associates have medical reasons that prevent them from wearing a cloth mask. Face shields are not only safe but according to medical professionals, face shields even offer a number of advantages.

Social Distancing in Stores: We're closely monitoring the flow of customers in and out of our stores on an hourly and daily basis. Store managers are committed to staggering registers as volume permits.

Special Hours for Seniors & Immunocompromised Guests: Please be advised that we’re dedicating our first hour of service (7:00 – 8:00 AM) for seniors and immuno-compromised guests. As a courtesy, if you don’t identify in one of these groups, please refrain from shopping during this hour.

Plexiglass Shields: We’ve installed PlexiShields at all registers in all stores. As an added safety measure, we are taping the edges to prevent cuts and scratches.

Bring Your Own, Bag Your Own: We’re now asking that if you bring your own bag, please bag your own groceries. If you’re using one of our bags, we’re happy to keep on bagging for you.

Limiting Contact with Surfaces: Our Associates will happily enter your phone number on the register for you for your myKingsExtra benefits. Additionally, all our carts, baskets and door handles are being wiped down regularly. Like all in the grocery industry, we are experiencing shortages of supply of wipes due to the increased demand.

Prioritizing Good Hygiene: The CDC maintains that the best way to protect yourself from the virus is with frequent hand washing. We are providing continuous reminders about good hygiene practices and supporting our Associates with necessary resources. 

Grocery Delivery Through Instacart: Standard same-day delivery times may be impacted. You will see the available delivery windows in the check-out process.

Suspending Sampling & Returns: We’ve temporarily suspended sampling and we can no longer accept returns and all sales are final.

Supporting the Community

Q: How are you supporting the community?

Supporting Community Food Banks: We’ve made donations to the Community FoodBank of NJ, as well as a number of smaller local pantries during this pandemic. 
Hiring: We are currently staffing up in a number of positions across our stores. Please see our job postings.

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