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Featured Makers

8 myles
Myles Powell
8 myles
indulgent mac n’ cheese

Convenient, handcrafted food with quality ingredients. Using organic noodles, real cheese and non-GMO ingredients, this gourmet line is sure to satisfy any craving.

Gail, Lois and Amy Hepworth
Gail, Lois & Amy Hepworth
Hepworth Farms
Local Organic Produce

This seventh-generation, organic family farm delivers healthy and delicious produce.

Kristin Calandra
Kristin Calandra
Local Breads & Sauces

Made of only four ingredients, hand-scaled and baked in brick ovens the old-fashioned way.

Hands holding branzino fish
Eric Pedersen
Ideal Fish
Sustainably Raised Branzino

Fresh, domestic branzino from Waterbury, CT that are rightly heralded as the purest fish in the world.

Matt Lind
Matt Lind
Produce Supplier

Supplier of the freshest fruits and vegetables from the east coast.

Pot pie
George, George Jr. & Joan Rude
griggstown farm
Homemade Pot Pies

Made completely from scratch right on the farm and filled with six different fresh vegetables and large chunks of all natural meat.

Jeremiah Tallerine & James Nelson
Jeremiah Tallerine & James Nelson
Creative Hot Sauces

Fiery hot sauce crafted by two best friends from Texas with inventive flavors like Ghost Pepper & Blueberry.

Two bags of Undercover Quinoa
Diana Levy
undercover quinoa
Gluten-Free Sweets

Gluten-free, non-GMO snackable treat made using fair-trade chocolate and organic crispy quinoa.

Paul Lawler holding a block of cheese
Paul Lawler
Cherry Grove Farm
Artisan Cheese

Made from grass-fed, raw cows' milk in small batches on a sustainable dairy farm, with attention paid to the craft of artisanal cheesemaking. 

Sharon Tomaselli
Sharon Tomaselli
Cooperstown Dairy
Artisan Cheese

Artisan cheese dairy specializing in several European-inspired cheeses crafted from Jersey and Brown Swiss cow's milk sourced from local family farms.

Jonathan Marcus, Lauren Rosato & Ann S. Marcus
Rose Sisters
Local Seasoned Chips

Homemade fourth-generation savory, crunchy, light, baked tortilla chips.

Hector Saldivar kissing a bottle of Tia Lupita Hot Sauce
Hector Saldivar
Tia Lupita Hot Sauce
Handcrafted Hot Sauce

Their generations-old family hot sauce recipe is handcrafted in small batches and is made from produce sourced from local growers.